IBM runs mixed Linux and AIX clusters


1 April 2005

IBM’s Clustered Systems Management (CSM) Version 1.3 software can manage mixed clusters of Unix and Linux servers.

It provides a single point-of-control for installing, configuring, maintaining and updating IBM xSeries servers running Linux and IBM pSeries servers, or their logical partitions, running AIX. Now enterprises with both Unix and Linux applications can consolidate them on a single CSM-managed cluster and realise significant cost savings through simplified administration of a broader range of servers, operating systems and the applications they support.

The IBM eServer Cluster 1600 is expanded to support as many as 128 specified IBM pSeries servers running its own AIX 5L operating system. The IBM eServer Cluster 1350 is expanded to support up to 512 managed IBM xSeries systems running the Linux operating system. Both cluster offerings are pretested, preconfigured and delivered ready-to-run in a customer’s environment. Higher scalability limits for both the Cluster 1600 and the Cluster 1350 are available by special bid.




Planned availability for CSM on the IBM eServer Cluster 1600 is October 25, 2002. Support for up to 128 servers or 128 operating system images on IBM eServer Cluster 1600 is December 13, 2002. Planned availability for scalability to 256 systems on IBM eServer Cluster 1350 is October 25, 2002. Support for mixed AIX 5L v5.2 and Linux clusters is planned for December 13, 2002.

IBM plans to provide support for IBM eServer Bladecentre servers as cluster nodes for denser packaging and higher degrees of scaling in the first quarter of 2003.

The ability to configure and interoperate systems running Linux and Unix offers numerous advantages to customers in the areas of flexibility, scalability, administration and skills protection.

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