Huawei’s enterprise business: helping industries and enterprises go digital

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Enabling customer digitisation and bringing digital to every organisation



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14 April 2020 | 0

In association with Huawei.

An intelligent world, where all things are connected and constantly streaming data over ubiquitous networks to mutual benefit, is approaching fast. However, the digital infrastructure needs to be supported by a strong ecosystem in order to provide added value to all participants. This is why Huawei combines both domains in our enterprise business strategy, providing platforms and at the same time stressing the importance of ecosystem support.

It is our goal to enable customer digitisation and bring digital to every organisation. Together with our partners, we are integrating new ICT technologies, leveraging ubiquitous connectivity and bringing pervasive intelligence to our industry and enterprise customers.




Helping industries and enterprises go digital

Working with leading global enterprises and industries to continuously explore and implement best practices for digital transformation, Huawei creates added value by focusing on the business needs of our customers and starting with top-level designs. With this approach, we first help our customers build an agile and intelligent foundation upon which new business models and customer experiences for the digital revolution are created. By providing IoT services to enterprises, for example, Huawei has enabled digital transformation across all industries through expanded connections, cloud services, and AI. To make it as easy for our partners as possible, Huawei’s IoT Cloud Service 2.0 provides pre-integrated industry suites, and offers platform cloud services such as Intelligent Transportation, Connected Vehicle, Smart City, and Smart Campus services.

Accelerating development in key urban hubs around the world

As a key initiative for implementing our “Platform + Ecosystem” strategy, Huawei has set up OpenLabs to target the enterprise market in key urban hubs across the globe, including Suzhou, Munich, Paris, Mexico City, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Delhi, Cairo, Johannesburg, Moscow, and Istanbul. In these labs, we work with our customers and partners in different domains around the world to develop the best possible industry-specific solutions, enrich local ICT industry ecosystems, and help our customers go digital.

At the same time, we provide our partners with strong support in the joint innovation of solutions, marketing, talent cultivation, finance, supply chains, and IT systems. We work closely with them to continuously improve their capabilities and drive their transformation for shared success.

Consistent quality of service is key

Huawei is committed to providing consistent, high-quality services. We develop global service capabilities that target industry customers and build intelligent service platforms to continuously improve customer experience. Key areas of our investment include professional service solutions (e.g., industry cloud enablement services, customer support and industry O&M services as well as industry solution services) and a unified cloud-based tool platform. By the end of 2019, Huawei worked with more than 3,900 service partners, providing services to over 50,000 customers around the world and helping them go digital.

Working with universities, training institutions, and industry associations, we have established the Huawei Certification system, which covers all ICT domains and guarantees the excellence and quality that Huawei demands and is known for. Awareness of the Huawei Certification brand has grown around the world. To date, more than 130,000 engineers have received this certification, and over 7,700 of them are Huawei Certified Internetwork Experts (HCIEs). Our certification system has produced high-quality ICT talent prepared to support industry digitisation.

Ushering in a truly intelligent era

Huawei always aims to further accelerate the digital transformation and create more customer value. To achieve this, it essential that all players involved join forces and truly commit to building a joint foundation for the future digital world – discrimination free and with open standards and platforms. We at Huawei invite the entire industry and our industry partners all over the world, to shape this new intelligent world together.

Ernest Lin Zhang is president of Enterprise Business Group, Western Europe, for Huawei Technologies

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