Huawei’s €6m for Lero research funding

Funding part of larger investment programme in Irish research and development
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19 December 2019

Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software has secured €6 million in funding from Huawei. Part of Huawei’s three-year plan to invest €70 million in Irish research and development, the funding will support a research programme aimed at improving the reliability of software applications.

The four-year programme will kick off in early 2020 and involve researchers from University of Limerick (UL), Trinity College Dublin, NUI Galway and Dublin City University.

Huawei’s investment is in cooperation with its research centres in Ireland and Sweden. Several leading-edge advanced software engineering research projects are expected to be produced through the alliance.




“Lero is working on implementing advanced software engineering techniques across a range of topics,” said Professor Brian Fitzgerald, director, Lero. “This research programme brings together top software researchers from around Ireland to work with Huawei on a series of projects aimed at making software more efficient and reliable.”

“There has been a dramatic increase in both the volume and complexity of the software that needs to be produced globally. This project will help industry generate the best possible software over the four years of the strategic research partnership. As a company who have a strong record of research-led innovation, we look forward to working with Huawei on this programme,” he added.

“The research undertaken by Lero could be used to help guide research and best practice right across the world,” said Yargin Xiao, president of Huawei Ireland Research Centre. “Today’s announcement will give Lero researchers the support they need to further their research into software reliability while providing them with the opportunity to be acknowledged on the international stage.”

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