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Huawei 5G: In Europe, for Europe

The 5G vendor describes its history and plans with Europe
Huawei's Kevin Liu, (Image: Huawei)

3 April 2020

In association with Huawei

Digital technologies and infrastructures, like 5G, present many new opportunities for economic growth while also challenging the security of digital communications. For the past 30 years Huawei has maintained an unwavering focus, rejecting shortcuts and easy opportunities that don’t align with our core business. With a practical approach to everything we do, we concentrate our efforts and invest patiently to drive technological breakthroughs. This strategic focus reflects our core values: staying customer-centric, inspiring dedication, persevering, and growing by reflection. We will move ahead and aim to forge an ever-stronger partnership with our European partners to build a fully connected, intelligent world.

Tomorrow’s digital world will be powered by ultra-fast 5G networks. Applications range from connected cars to intelligent homes and cities. As the research effort reaches the final stages, with 5G roll-out expected for 2020, a massive upgrade of network infrastructure is required to complete this deep transformation. Huawei is the world leader in 5G. And it is not just Huawei that says that. The European Commission, in its March 2019 report by its internal think tank, the European Political Strategy Centre, recognises Huawei as an industry leader regarding standards and the top 5G equipment vendor in the world.




Supporting a competitive market in the EU

Huawei is not only leading the way to accomplishing the EU’s targets by building fast and reliable networks with all major European operators and investing in research and development. Huawei has also boosted Europe’s economy by €12.8 billion through its economic activity in 2018, supporting almost 170,000 jobs either directly or through the supply chain, according to a study by Oxford Economics. is the digital foundation of the industry. Huawei’s direct contribution to European GDP of €2.5 billion in 2018 has more than doubled since 2014, representing annual growth of 19% per year in real terms. Over the same period, the total employment supported by Huawei rose by an average of 13% a year while the total tax revenue it generated increased by 17% a year. Along the entire value chain, Huawei uses its leading information and communications technology and products to help its European partners maintain the global competitiveness of advantageous industries in the process of digitisation. Together, we are building Europe’s own digital infrastructure.

Huawei’s presence in France signals new stage of partnership

To further enhance its footprint in Europe, Huawei recently announced plans for a new wireless communication manufacturing facility in France. This highly automated and intelligent factory will specialise in 4G and 5G equipment and will primarily manufacture supplies for European customers. A planned investment of over 200 million euros has been announced for this new plant, which will be used for the plot of land, construction, and equipment. Construction will utilise some of the world’s most advanced production equipment and tools from leading local partners. The plant will also have a demo centre, showcasing the wireless base station production, software loading, and testing process. The facilities will be open to carriers, governments, and related authorities, demonstrating Huawei’s positive stance on Europe’s call for digital sovereignty.

We support Europe’s efforts for digital sovereignty

Together, Europe and Huawei have already achieved a lot in during the 3G and 4G eras of the past 20 years. We successfully helped Europe to launch its first 4G network. Now we are ready to bring the same success to Europe for 5G. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the trustworthiness of such networks. It is our strong believe, that we should continue to work together, building these network technologies in a way that ensures trust, security, safety and the protection of fundamental rights — including protection against arbitrary interference with privacy. Digital Sovereignty can and should be a win-win situation for both Huawei and Europe. In doing so, it is about staying true to principles of openness, competitiveness and fair trade — values which Huawei shares. These principles have contributed to interconnected, global markets for which 5G is perfectly designed.

Kevin Liu is president of Public Affairs and Communications Department, Western Europe, for Huawei Technologies

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