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1 April 2005 | 0

HP has launched a number of new servers and Linux clustered systems. These include a number of midrange servers such as the Itanium-based Integrity rx4640 four-way density server, the Integrity rx7620 eight-way server and the rx8620 Integrity 16-way midrange servers. The HP Integrity server family is the only one in the industry that can run on HP-UX 11i, Linux and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Also available is the ProLiant DL140 server for small and medium-sized businesses and the HP XC3000 and XC6000 Linux clustered systems. The DL140 server, which is part of HP’s ProLiant 100 series, is suitable for grid computing and for those who wish to deploy clustered products for high-performance technical computing applications.

The HP XC6000 cluster is based on the HP Integrity rx2600 systems and the HP XC3000 cluster is based on HP ProLiant servers. Each system fully supports up to 512 processors as standard, with larger configurations by request and includes high speed interconnects from Quadrics LTD and Myricom.

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