Harman Kardon gets Elegant


1 April 2005

In most cases, standard PC speakers are there simply to provide sound and aesthetically aren’t anything out of the ordinary. Dull and uninteresting they may be, but ultimately they get the job done.

But if you prefer prettier peripherals, this may pose a bit of a problem for you. Spend a little more cash, however, and you can get yourself a good set of speakers that won’t offend your aesthetic sensibilities.

The Harman Kardon Elegant speakers are a stylish addition to any PC. The set consists of two ultra-slim satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. The satellite speakers are shaped similar to champagne glasses and really live up to their Elegant name, although the sub-woofer is slightly more unwieldy. The dark-coloured speakers might not be colour co-ordinated with the ubiquitous beige PC, but quite frankly, you won’t care – I certainly didn’t. And the introduction of more black PCs from the likes of Dell and IBM will quickly rectify this.




Setting up the speaker set is a dream – colour-coded and differently shaped connectors mean you can get the speakers working without any mishaps in under five minutes. Simply connect the satellites to the sub-woofer, the sub-woofer to the PC or notebook, plug it in and you are ready to go. No software, no rebooting, just plug and play. The sub-woofer has bass, treble and VirtualMulti Axis (Vmax) controls, so you can quickly adjust the sound to fit whatever purposes you require – in my case, turning the bass down so the neighbours don’t complain! Mute and volume controls are found on the right satellite speaker, so there is no need to go messing with your PC’s volume settings.

Of course we all know looks aren’t everything, and the Elegant speakers don’t disappoint. Despite their slim profile, the sound produced by the set is powerful. The speakers deliver crystal clear audio, and whether you are interested in multimedia purposes or surround sound for gaming, the speakers perform equally well. Watching The Matrix on my PC became a surround sound experience for the first time, and music CDs sounded as good as they do on a dedicated hi-fi system. I also used the speakers with my IBM Thinkpad notebook, without any noticeable difference in sound quality – another bonus point for the Haraman Kardon speakers. 


  • Slim and very stylish, the Harman Kardon Elegant speakers are a valuable addition for any desktop.
  • Price: EUR172
  • Rating: 95%
  • TNS Distribution: +353 (0)1-882 9777

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