Half of adults want to be online influencers

Men are more likely than women to favour recognition on social media over recognition from their boss
Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom

16 March 2022

Almost half (48%) of adults in Ireland would like to have a job as an online influencer, either as their main source of income or in addition to their existing job. This is according to a survey from Irish broadband and telecoms provider, Pure Telecom. Of the survey’s 1,000 participants, 21% said they would choose recognition on social media over kudos from their boss.

The survey, which was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom, found that men (58%) are more likely than women (45%) to aspire to become online influencers and more men (21%) than women (11%) said they would like it to be their main source of income.

The broadband company also found that at 78%, Gen Z adults are significantly more likely than all other generations to want a job as an influencer. However, there are also considerable aspirations among the older generations – Millennials (47%), Gen X (34%), and Baby Boomers (25%).




The survey also highlighted the value that adults in Ireland place on likes and comments on social media platforms versus the value they place on recognition from their boss for a job well done. Interestingly, at 29%, men are considerably more likely than women (19%) to favour online recognition. Meanwhile, Gen Z (39%) is the most likely generation to choose recognition on social media.

Geographically, Meath (60%) and Carlow (60%) have the highest proportion of residents who would like to be influencers, followed by Wexford (57%) and Laois (53%).

“The online world now forms a significant part of our daily lives,” said Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom (pictured). “So much of what we do is now online – socialising, shopping, learning – so it’s natural that many people want their careers to be online, too. We always expect the younger generations to be more drawn to the digital world, but it is interesting to see that even the older generations have aspirations of becoming influencers. And our research shows that a significant proportion of all generations believe that recognition on social media trumps praise from their boss.

“Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have created even more opportunities for people to share content, go viral and build an audience, making the idea of earning a living online more achievable and appealing than ever.”

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