Grasp ready to hit the ground running with wearable tech

Tyndall CEO Dr. Kieran Drain; Minister of State for Skills, Research & Innovation Damien English; Ken Byrne and Pictured: Dr Michael Walsh (front), Grasp Wearable Technology

20 October 2014

Grasp Wearable Technologies is gearing up for the release of their first market-ready offering for measuring running biomechanics.

Building on almost 10 years of research led by scientists at the Tyndall National Institute at UCC, Grasp’s wearable technologies measure the wearer’s bio-mechanical parameters based on research carried out under Dr Michael Walsh, who is also Grasp’s chief technology officer.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Grasp provides a three-dimensional profile about a user’s stride length, vertical lift and impact. This information can be used to draw informed conclusions about a user’s performance and efficiency, and can be applied to improving technique and helping avoid injury. It can also be used analyse real-time player and team position and movement patterns in team sports.

Grasp CEO, Ken Byrne, said: “Grasp takes this leading sensory technology out of the laboratory and places it on an athlete, a person or a patient. The ability to capture and analyse detailed data on human movement and physiology opens the door to improving health and human performance in a very profound way.”

A recent report by IDTechEX values the wearable technologies market at $14 billion, with this set to increase to $70 billion by 2024

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