Google Camera update adds shutter sound toggle, zoom bar, exposure tweaks

Google Camera
When you zoom in, you're presented with a zoom bar that give you more direct control. Image: Greenbot



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23 February 2017 | 0

If you have a Nexus or Pixel phone, you probably use the Google Camera app that comes with it. It’s a decent enough picture-taking experience; the resulting photos can be remarkable, but the interface and features could be best described as sparse.

Anyone hoping for a Pro mode with precise controls over shutter speed and ISO is probably still going to be waiting, but the new 4.3 version of the app does add a few minor quality-of-life improvements.

Zoom slider
When you pinch-to-zoom, you get a zoom slider at the bottom of the camera view. You can drag along the bar to make fine adjustments to zoom, and see a visual representation of just how far zoomed-in you are.

Sticky exposure adjustment
It used to be that if you adjust the exposure control slider, the slider interface would disappear after a few seconds. Now, if you change the exposure at all, the slider sticks around until you take the shot. It’s a very small change, but welcome.

Shutter sounds toggle
Last but not least, you finally have the ability to turn off camera sounds in the settings. If you’re sick of hearing the shutter click, but don’t want to mute all your phone sounds, you’ll appreciate this. No word on whether or not this function is available in Japan, where phone shutter sounds are mandated by law.

The Google Camera app takes great photos on a Nexus 6P or Pixel, but and it’s simple and fast. But it lacks in more advanced features that many other top-tier phones enjoy. These improvements don’t do much to rectify that problem, but these minor tweaks are all noticeable, everyday improvements that almost anyone can appreciate.

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