Geological Survey Ireland, Trinity College open Earth Surface Research Laboratory

The lab hosts facilities for the preparation and analysis of geological and environmental samples
Image: ESRL

23 June 2021

Geological Survey Ireland and Trinity College Dublin are launching the Earth Surface Research Laboratory (ESRL), a new national facility providing state-of-the-art chemical analyses for the geoscience community on the island of Ireland. The laboratory hosts world-class facilities for the preparation and analysis of geological and environmental samples.

Ireland has a fascinating and diverse geology, formed over millions of years through the eruption of volcanoes, the opening and closing of oceans, the slow erosion of towering mountain ranges and finally, the recent glacial events that shaped our landscape. These geological processes have endowed the country with economically important mineral deposits and fertile soils which support a thriving agricultural industry.

The laboratory will support Geological Survey Ireland’s Tellus geochemical survey – a major national programme to map elemental concentrations in soils, stream sediments and stream waters across Ireland. It will also be open to academic researchers, SMEs and other geological/environmental groups based on the island of Ireland in a non-commercial capacity. The facilities will enhance the world-class geoscience research conducted on the island of Ireland and will assist projects protecting Ireland’s unique natural environment.




“The Earth Surface Research Laboratory is a facility for the whole geoscience community on the island of Ireland, producing high quality data, using the most advanced equipment currently available,” said Dr Michael Stock, director of the Earth Surface Research Laboratory and a professor in Trinity’s School of Natural Sciences. “Our dual aims are to support national efforts to understand Ireland’s natural environment and to continue building Ireland’s international reputation as a centre for world-class geoscience research.”

Koen Verbruggen, director of Geological Survey Ireland, a division of the Dept of Environment, Climate & Communications, said: “I am delighted to announce our new collaboration with Trinity College Dublin and the team at the ESRL. This new facility will ensure analyses of our Tellus samples and represents a significant addition to National Geoscience Research facilities.”

The Earth Surface Research Laboratory launches online on 23 June and will be accepting applications for access from interested researchers.

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