Game on with Motorola


1 April 2005

Sick of playing back and white games on your mobile phone while waiting for the bus? The Motorola T720 could be about to change all that.

The new generation of mobile phones from Motorola comes with integrated games such as MotoGP, Tetris and Breakout. The T720 is the first high resolution colour screen phone with the ‘flip’ screen from Motorola in Europe. The phone uses Mobile Java to allow you to download the latest levels of MotoGP – the first few are preloaded into the phone.

The inclusion of Java technology in the handset also allows for a certain amount of customisation. These can be downloaded to the phone, including wallpaper, ring tones and icons, so you can customise the phone for your favourite football team.




The front and back covers are also customisable and there are 32 polyphonic ring tones included.

Packaging aside, the T720 has some more serious features. It has GPRS, which allows users fast access to the Internet with a GPRS-enabled SIM card. The phone is USB compatible, and is dual band. Depending on the network availability, an e-mail POP3 client is included, and the handset offers TrueSync synchronisation between your desktop PC or other devices.

A range of accessories are available for the T720, including an FM radio headset, in-car hands free kits, MP3 player, speakerphone, and wind up charger.

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