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The Litro Illum allows users to change the point of focus for an image in-camera

23 April 2014

Lytro Illum
Lytro’s new Illum keeps the original point of its camera technology but wraps it up in a more familiar DSLR form factor than the ‘baton with a lens’ predecessor.
Lytro Illum captures data on millions of rays of light, including their colour, intensity and direction. This allows users to refocus their photos after the shot is taken.
It has a 30-250mm equivalent focal lens up front, a 4″ touch screen on the back and physical controls for shutter speed, exposure and auto-focus.
As with the original, the Illum’s main trick is its ability to create interactive photos where users can change the focus on an existing shot.
To help out, the Illum’s screen offers a depth assist overlay, effectively telling users how much of the image will fall into the refocusing range. Additionally, a new type of Lytro image can animate the refocus effect as its happening.
Price: $1,500

The C-Thru is a helmet designed specifically for ‘smoke divers’ – firefighters who go right into the heart of burning buildings to search for victims and survivors. Without breathing apparatus, the average firefighter has about 90 seconds to get kitten out with often uncomfortable, heavy gear.
The C-Thru provides an enclosed helmet and breathing solution with a wide field of vision.
Even better, it uses an integrated thermal imaging camera for detecting heat signatures (be they of people or fires behind walls) and relays information in real time via the cloud to officers outside who can help direct their position.
Price: tbc

LG G Watch
We know all about the Samsung Galaxy Gear and speculated at length about the iWatch (if it ends up being called that). Now LG has starting showing off its G Watch. So far all we know is it will have an ‘always on’ display and come in black or gold models.
Price: tbc

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