Fujitsu partners with Red Hat on software defined storage

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16 September 2014

Fujitsu and Red Hat have announced a collaboration to deliver a hyper-scale, software-defined storage (SDS) appliance for service providers and IT organisations that provides online data access in the multi-petabyte range.

By integrating Red Hat’s Inktank Ceph Enterprise storage software with Fujitsu server and storage technology into a multi-node appliance, the Japanese giant has said it will make SDS based on Ceph enterprise-ready by delivering end-to-end maintenance and professional services for the complete appliance.

Red Hat’s Inktank Ceph Enterprise delivers object and block storage software to enterprises deploying public or private clouds, including many early adopters of OpenStack. The new hyper-scale, SDS system will address the storage needs of cost-sensitive service and cloud providers, research and public sector organisations responsible for maintaining large online archives, as well as media streaming and broadcasting companies. Financial institutions that require ad hoc access to historical data also will benefit from this new technology.

Fujitsu said that it is focusing on Inktank Ceph software-defined storage technology to address these industry challenges and enable the deployment of extremely-scalable, highly-performing and fault-tolerant storage environments. Furthermore, the new Fujitsu storage appliance will enable Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) to dramatically decrease total costs of ownership for storage.

“We are delighted by Fujitsu’s collaboration with Red Hat and are excited by the opportunities it presents for the Irish market,” said David Delaney, innovation director, Fujitsu Ireland. “Secure and efficient data storage is a major concern for large multinational companies, particularly as the amount of information produced continues to grow as global user databases expand.

“We look forward to working with the many multinationals that have chosen to have a global or regional headquarters in Ireland. The new storage appliance will enable us to better serve our larger customers in providing scalable and cost effective storage solutions to suit their business. This new appliance enables secure reliable access to the economies of Ceph and software defined storage built on the strength of Fujitsu’s platform.”

Fujitsu said that the new appliance will be unveiled in the Autumn 2014, with live demonstrations at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, the Powering the Cloud Event in Frankfurt, the Fujitsu Forum in Munich and the OpenStack Summit in Paris.

For more information see: www.inktank.com/enterprise/

Or the Fujitsu blog: blog.uk.fujitsu.com/ 


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