First large-scale solar farm on the Island of Ireland connected

Solar farm in Belfast
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18 May 2016 | 0

Lightsource Renewable Energy has developed the first ever large-scale solar farm on the island of Ireland.

The solar farm at Crookedstone Road in Antrim is connected into the private network of the nearby Belfast International Airport – providing 27% of the airport’s annual electricity demand.

The Crookedstone site will also to increase local biodiversity levels, such as the planting of new planting of native hedgerows, wildflowers and the installation of bird and bat nesting boxes around the site.

Renewable energy also presents huge opportunity for local investment with the Crookedstone project representing an investment of more than £5 million into the local economy – including use of local contractors and services.

The Northern Ireland Executives’ target is to generate 40% of the province’s energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Nick Boyle, CEO, Lightsource, said: “The Crookedstone Road solar farm represents another milestone for Lightsource and demonstrates the opportunities that solar energy presents for the whole island.

“The unique quality of solar power is that it is scalable and can be deployed very quickly and efficiently, as demonstrated by this project. This is the new world of electricity supply, which we are calling the solar revolution. Energy intensive businesses can now choose to procure solar electricity with no hassle, and Lightsource remains at the forefront of this exciting paradigm shift.”

Lightsource has more than 320 staff based at offices in Dublin, Belfast, London, Bath and Livingston.

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