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1 April 2005 | 0

3Com’s Embedded Firewall allows security policies to be rolled out to notebooks and other PCs beyond the perimeter of the corporate firewall.

The overall system includes a new Firewall PC Card and new versions of the company’s existing Firewall Desktop PCI Cards, Firewall Server PCI Cards and Embedded Firewall Policy Server.

The 3Com Embedded Firewall is a hardware-based, distributed firewall embedded on to PC and PCI Card hardware, with Fast Ethernet connectivity included. This embedded firewall technology combines the robustness of hardware with the flexibility of a centrally managed software system to create a comprehensive security infrastructure.




The new 3Com Firewall Cards allow network managers to extend Embedded Firewall protection to remote users connecting to the corporate network via a VPN broadband connection. The enhanced security products automatically detect whether a user is connecting from inside or outside the LAN’s physical perimeter and apply the appropriate security policies for that location.

The desktop and server Embedded Firewall products are now bundled with the client licence. In addition, the 3Com Embedded Firewall Policy Server automatically detects the presence of new hardware for easy additions or changes to policy configurations.

Using the 3Com Firewall PC Card and the 3Com Embedded Firewall Policy Server, IT managers can update, configure and monitor the firewall on a notebook PC via a virtual private network (VPN) connection and central management features. Additionally, in the event of a security breach, IT staff can disable any network-connected laptop installed with a 3Com Firewall PC Card.

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