ESB implements cloud management platform with Triangle

Providing more services in a more cost-efficient way
Pictured left is Michelle Harris and Miriam Byrne, Triangle, with Anthony McNamara and Dermot Mangan, ESB (Image: Triangle)

19 July 2019

Energy supplier has implemented a cloud management platform (CMP) to improve the way it runs its business, with technical partner Triangle.

“In order to remain successful, we needed to improve the way we deliver new services to our customers,” said Dermot Mangan, infrastructure services manager, ESB. “Due to the volume of workloads we run, leveraging virtual machines, databases, applications, cloud and security, we wanted to use digital and cloud technologies in a secure and cost-efficient manner.”

As a technology partner to ESB, Triangle has helped the company grow to a large virtualised environment running key applications which supported 450 production applications through 2300 VMs, 245 hosts and 60 clusters. Following this success, ESB, in conjunction with Triangle, identified the requirement for a CMP to optimise and manage its cloud infrastructure for cost, security and operations. 




To manage the costs associated with public cloud, ESB chose to initially run its workloads on premises in a private cloud. During peak demand, it could then utilise public cloud for extra capacity. Deploying a hybrid IT strategy, managed with a best in-class CMP, helps ESB provide more services in a more cost-efficient way.

The project spans many different groups within the organisation: SAP, network, security, Linux, storage, Microsoft and cloud. ESB stated a strategy of cloud first when suitable with Triangle, establishing VMWare Cloud technologies as the platform of choice in an environment which had previously been heavily embedded with Microsoft. 

Triangle worked closely with the ESB and delivered a cloud management platform by way of installation and configuration of the management and automation of the software purchased, designed to VMware best practice. 

“Managing this type of hybrid environment required a new set of management and deployment tools as well as a cross-functional team of skilled resources to enable a move towards a digital era, allowing us to develop our business services for our customers,” said Mangan. “Triangle delivered on all our objectives and we have the platform that provides cost savings through increased visibility on the estate that the vRealize Suite of products facilitates.  It is a robust, scalable and agile platform giving us the ability to control a complex and fast-changing environment.”

ESB, with Triangle, won Public Sector Project of the Year 2019 at the Tech Excellence Awards.

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