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Pictured: Niall Doherty and John McElwaine, Irish Water; Mark Quinn, EMR; Paul McMahon, Leitrim County Council; and Derek Glynn, EMR



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1 September 2017 | 0

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions has been selected by Irish Water to upgrade its telemetry networks in Waterford and Leitrim. The deal is said to be worth in excess of €1 million.

The upgrade will give Irish Water better monitoring capability and control over the water distribution network. Increased automation and more granular visibility into water flows, pressure and quality provides early warning alerts to network bursts and improves the quality of supply for customers.

“This capital investment project supports Irish Water’s ongoing efforts to streamline water distribution networks in the county, and having greater control over assets in the field allows them to quickly identify and react to adverse events as they occur,” said Mark Quinn, manging director, EMR Integrated Solutions.

“Minimising network leakage is a key objective and the ability to remotely measure and monitor flows plays a critical role in helping Irish Water to achieve that.”

The Waterford network upgrade involved consolidating the telemetry network across the city and county, following the merger of both councils in 2014. Telemetry remote terminal units (RTUs) and data loggers were deployed at over 200 logger sites to monitor water flow and pressure on the pipe network, providing early warning alerts to network bursts.

The system also enables data acquisition from major water assets such as reservoirs and pumping stations and for automated remote control of these sites from the central SCADA system.

In Leitrim, the EMR team installed telemetry RTUs and GPRS data loggers together with the associated flow and pressure monitoring instrumentation at over 90 sites, tying them back to the centralised SCADA system in Carrick-on-Shannon. This system augmented the extensive SCADA and telemetry network previously installed by EMR in the major water treatment plants and water distribution assets throughout the county.

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