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Guido Kessler, managing director, EMEAR, Cisco Capital

easylease can help small businesses invest in their business, whatever their budget may be



29 April 2021 | 0

In association with Cisco 

The IT market is in transition. “Customers have changed the way they consume and pay for IT,” says Guido Kessler, managing director, EMEAR, Cisco Capital. “Increasingly, they are asking to consume IT in smarter and more flexible ways.” 

Payment over time is a key solution for businesses and how they acquire and consume IT infrastructure. And not just for hardware, but for software and services, too. “Many customers don’t want to pay up front, they want options to help optimise cash flow.” 




In line with this trend is Cisco easylease 0% — a payment programme designed to help small businesses acquire Cisco technology in a smart and affordable way, with nothing to pay upfront. 

At zero percent interest, the programme allows customers to split the cost of their IT investments over 36 months (three years). If, for example, a customer buys IT products and services worth €36,000, the customer must then pay €1,000 each month for the three years. Suitable for purchases from €1,000 to €325,000, easylease can even be used to cover mid-size IT projects.

“We provide the flexibility to respond to changing requirements,” says Kessler. “Our payment options can help alleviate financial pressure. We’re offering predictable payment schedules with no upfront cost and a competitive rate.” 

For added simplicity, customers can choose to finance the entire solution in one easy-to-manage contract with a single invoice. Non-Cisco products, such as additional services from a partner or complimentary third-party equipment, can be added to the solution. “Our focus is to help customers finance a total IT solution, not just the Cisco part,” says Kessler. 

“At the beginning of the pandemic, Cisco was at the forefront in helping customers transition to remote working and offered support through unprecedented times,” continues Kessler. “Our payment solutions helped customers and partners to support and accelerate their businesses to help them survive, thrive, and build resiliency.

“Customers needed to invest, to build for the future, but a lack of liquidity and uncertainty has put some in a hesitant position. For us, the question was, how can we build the bridge between a lack of liquidity and a need to invest?”

While the offering may seem tailor-made for the challenges of today, Cisco easylease has been on the market for several years. Since its launch, Kessler says the feedback has only been positive: “Our strongest endorsement comes from our recurring customers. We have customers that started using easylease years ago that returned to the offering again when they invested in new technology.”

To further help small businesses save valuable capital while obtaining the technology they need to transform, Cisco’s certified remanufactured equipment program, known as Cisco Refresh, has thousands of products (or SKUs) that are backed by the same Cisco warranty and service support as new. Through the programme, customers can even return used equipment to support a more sustainable economy.

At a highly competitive price point, Cisco Refresh helps businesses optimise their budgets by incorporating these products into a project. “Some customers have been dealing with urgent IT projects that were likely not planned or budgeted for,” says Kessler. “This is yet another way that Cisco is supporting small businesses.”

Learn more about financing for small businesses and find out how Cisco can help you today.

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