Elon Musk says driving may someday be illegal

Elon Musk
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20 March 2015 | 0

Tesla founder Elon Must believes there may eventually come a day when people are no longer allowed to drive vehicles because it’s not safe.

Musk made the observation while speaking at a conference held by chipmaker Nvidia, according to a report in Automotive News.

“In the distant future, I think people may outlaw driving cars because it’s too dangerous,” Musk said. “You can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine.”

Nvidia supplies Tesla with processors for its all-electric vehicles, including its instrument cluster and large 17″. infotainment center.

Musk took to Twitter to clarify his position, saying: “When self-driving cars become safer than human-driven cars, the public may outlaw the latter. Hopefully not.

“To be clear, Tesla is strongly in favor of people being allowed to drive their cars and always will be. Hopefully, that is obvious,” Musk wrote.

A study by the non-profit Eno Center for Transportation revealed that if 90% of cars were self-driving, more than 21,000 lives a year would be saved and $450 billion in related costs would be eliminated.

Tesla is increasing the automated features in its vehicles, such as the use of cameras and sensors to enable adaptive cruise control. It is also working on a fully automated vehicle.

Many other major vehicle makers, such as GM, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan, Ford and others are revealing prototypes of fully autonomous vehicles. Google is also planning one between now and 2020.

“I almost view it as a solved problem,” Musk said. “We know exactly what to do, and we’ll solve it in a few years.”


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