Eir Business strengthens cybersecurity offering with Exclusive Networks

Alan Brown, Eir Business and Gerry Sheldrick, Exclusive Networks Ireland
Alan Brown, Eir Business and Gerry Sheldrick, Exclusive Networks Ireland

Distributor adds security operation centre capability



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9 September 2020 | 0

Eir Business has partnered with Exclusive Networks to enhance its cybersecurity offering.

Under the partnership, the specialist cybersecurity value creating distributor will deliver new managed security services which will include a 24/7 security operations centre (SOC), a comprehensive SOC portal for monitoring and alerts, as well as high levels of resilience and redundancy.

Suitable for organisation of all sizes, the new services should improve security and incident response times, and reduce IT security operations costs and skills overheads.




“This is a significant enhancement to Eir’s security services,” said Alan Brown, sales director, enterprise and government at Eir Business. “Our customers’ network requirements are evolving at a rapid pace and we are all too aware that demand from Irish businesses for managed security services is increasing. Customers are looking for reduced complexity, risk and cost while at the same time seeking increased flexibility, speed and security. With our partner, Exclusive Networks, Eir can deliver on all of those requirements.” 

“The combination of a surge in cyber threats, a cyber-skills gap and the speed of change in technology presents a massive challenge to organisations and diverts their resources away from productivity,” said Gerry Sheldrick, director at Exclusive Networks Ireland. “Many organisations are choosing to outsource their security to a trusted partner, such as Eir, that has the resources, expertise and agility needed to keep ahead of threats. Eir’s managed security services will maintain the integrity and resilience of an organisation’s operations, assets and data. We look forward to working together on this to safeguard customers with a service that is always flexible, ahead of the curve and innovative.”

Eir Business is now offering free trials of the service, visit the Eir Business website for more information.

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