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Dublin Maker 2022: What to expect

Makers of Ireland will be showcasing their builds at Dublin Maker, 23 July
Image: Dublin Maker Festival

19 July 2022

This Saturday, Merrion Square will become home to Dublin Maker, a day-long festival of hacking, crafting, making, and doing. Free to attend, the event gives inventors and makers an opportunity to showcase their creations in a carnival atmosphere.

Now in its tenth year, the event hosts educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists, science clubs, students, authors and commercial exhibitors of all ages and backgrounds. Dublin Maker’s mission is to entertain, inform and connect the makers of Ireland, while inspiring the next generation of Ireland’s makers and inventors.

Meet the makers

Fifty makers will take over a tented village of invention. Some of these include:

  • 3D Printed Animatronic Droids: Full scale and animated Star Wars droids: BB8, BB9E and NR-S3 plus 3D printed parts for other unfinished BD-1 and D-O.
  • Ability and Batteries: Various electronic items with reused lithium batteries for enabling people with special needs, home automation, DIY e-Bikes, and potentially e-motorbike.
  • Brickxology: An exhibition of architecture and pixel art Lego builds.
  • Cardboard Arcade: Come and play games made (almost) entirely from cardboard, ‘scru’s’ and hot glue.
  • Connecting With Light: The SFI Centre for photonics’ interactive stand will focus on how we use light from communications to medicine. It will use simple hands-on experiments for example water and food colouring to ‘talking’ with fibre optic cables. Visitors to the stand will have a chance to learn about light, test their communication skills and build their own light experiments.
  • Creative Spark – Digitronic Art: By combining screen printing and electronics visitors to this stand can explore Interactive Digitronic Art. Discover how using screen printing, cold soldering and programming you can simply touch a piece of art and trigger a sound.
  • Current Chemistry Investigators: Make your own batteries from common material that you can find around the house, and test out your battery by making a mini-torch.
  • Donkey Cars / Mechatrons Robotics: Witness two heavy weight robots box it out for the undisputed Dublin Maker Merrion Park championship. Test your driving skills against our AI-driven scale model racing cars on our 25 square meter racetrack. See real machine learning in action. Pit yourself against AI. Ask the research team from Mechatrons, Insight and Transpoco how it all works
  • I-Form: I-Form’s advanced manufacturing research centre focuses on metal 3D printing, large scale plastic 3D printing, 3D scanning, and robotics.
  • Kinia: As part of Dublin Maker 2022, Kinia will showcase its most popular educational technologies and activities, which visitors can try out for themselves.
  • Making DIY 3D Printers: Make your own 3D printers from scratch. Join the community of RepRap and learn how 3D printing technologies are advanced by a maker communities around the world.

TOG Hackerspace Repair Café

This year’s event also features the TOG Hackerspace Repair Café. There, visitors can bring broken items along to be fixed by the volunteers. Portable appliance testing (PAT) testing to determine the safety of electrical appliances and equipment will also be available.

There will also be a display with members’ projects and information about TOG Hackerspace. TOG is a hackerspace based in the centre of Dublin, Ireland. It is a shared space where members have a place to be creative and work on their projects in an environment that is both inspiring and supportive of both new and old technologies

Dublin Maker is supported by funding from Science Foundation Ireland, Dublin City Council and the ESB.

More details can be found on www.dublinmaker.ie

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