Digital transformation will be essential in fighting climate change

Early survey results reveal sustainability and transformation goals not lost amid pandemic response
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1 July 2020

There is little doubt the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted how organisations around the world now, and will in the future, operate.

From home working, to increased automation and collaboration, not only were plans accelerated, but innovation was forced to comply with restrictions, but also to accommodate new requirements and take advantage of new opportunities.

TechBeat, in association with Equinix, is looking at how the opportunity for sustainability and transformation is being treated by organisations in Ireland.




The early results are intriguing.

The majority of Irish IT professionals (53%) agree that digital transformation will be essential in turning the tide on climate change. This extends to intent to change to green data centre providers and move more workloads to the cloud, as many also believe (30%) that continuing to host and process data on premises is environmentally unsustainable.

Despite this level of awareness of the opportunity for transformation and sustainability to be advanced amid the current state of flux, almost half (49%) of Irish IT professionals do not believe their company is doing enough to make its IT infrastructure sustainable.

A ray of light amid the pandemic response is that almost of two thirds (63%) of IT pros said that enabling and supporting a remote workforce had either not impacted or reduced stress levels.

This attests to the fact that there was already widespread availability and use of collaboration technologies among Irish organisations, as well as the infrastructure to support them. As such, when the need came to move users en masse to home and remote working, it was achieved more easily for most than might have been expected.

A direct impact of this is that early tallies say that nearly three quarters (70%) of Irish organisations are either considering or already planning to scale back office space and having their workforce work remotely on a more permanent basis.

When taken all together, these early results hint at seismic shifts in how Irish IT professionals will be enabling and supporting workforces in the future, as well their leveraging of cloud services. With an apparent increase in the view that on-premises data hosting and processing solutions are less sustainable than cloud options going forward, it is quite clear that cloud will grow, requiring increasing bandwidth, secure connectivity and deep interconnects.

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