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12 June 2015 | 0

Ireland was further bolstered as the centre of development for the Internet of Things (IoT), with an announcement from Dell that it is establishing a dedicated lab at its solution centre in Limerick.

The lab is Dell’s second, having announced a similar facility in California in November last.

“In Limerick, customers will have a flexible and scalable foundation for developing market-ready solutions with a trusted, reliable partner,” Dermot O’Connell, Dell

The Limerick lab will develop new products for Dell, while allowing customers to model, design, build and test solutions, spanning hardware, software and services.

“As a global end-to-end solutions provider, Dell can support OEMs throughout their entire product lifecycle, from endpoints, networking, compute, and storage to large scale data management, analytics software and services,” said Dermot O’Connell, executive director and general manager, OEM Solutions, Dell EMEA. “In Limerick, customers will have a flexible and scalable foundation for developing market-ready solutions with a trusted, reliable partner. Our specialists in the lab can reduce the complexity of IT and help customers to bring their ideas to life.”

New gateway
As part of its IoT efforts Dell also announced a new IoT gateway appliance to collect, help secure and process sensor data at the edge of a network. Available as either wired or wireless appliances, they are equipped with processing power, providing users with flexibility to perform analytics at the edge, while reducing latency for data-based decisions, such as managing energy consumption or triggering a call for proactive equipment maintenance. This, said Dell, reduces the time and cost associated with transferring data to the cloud or data centre, offering a solid foundation for an IoT edge solution that conserves valuable network bandwidth by relaying only meaningful data back to the cloud.

The new gateway will facilitate developing IoT applications, and is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Wind River Linux, Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows IoT. They feature an Intel processor with two cores to drive a wide range of IoT applications including building and industrial automation. They mount on walls, desks, or other easily accessible areas of the building, but importantly, they have no moving parts and, says Dell, are built to last with services lives of several years.

End to end solutions
The company emphasised that its approach to IoT is to provide end-to-end solutions, covering all aspects of the technologies, spanning data centre solutions, analytics and leadership services, based on its global availability, support and security options.

“Current IoT solutions offer lengthy implementations, overly ambitious scoping and complex proprietary designs that raise risks and costs,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, IoT Solutions, Dell. “We are helping customers build out their solutions pragmatically with a broad portfolio of IoT-enabling offerings including security, manageability, services, analytics, infrastructure, and endpoints.”

In other Dell news, analyst Gartner awarded the company leadership status in its respected magic quadrant evaluation for its modular servers, such as the PowerEdge FX series. The vendor was also given visionary status in the magic quadrant for data centre networking. These accolades were also topped off with an over-all positive vendor rating.



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