Michael McLaughlin and Ciaran Connell, DecaWave

Decawave to be acquired by Qorvo

Purchase a boost to international IR-UWB adoption
Michael McLaughlin and Ciaran Connell, DecaWave

30 January 2020

Decawave, a developer of semi-conductor solutions, software, modules and reference designs, is to be acquired by Qorvo. Terms of the deal were not released.

The acquisition will advance the market penetration of impulse-radio ultra wideband (IR-UWB) – a localisation technology that enables local area micro-location services such as interior mapping and automotive security.

Decawave was founded in Dublin in 2007 by CEO Ciaran Connell and CTO Michael McLaughlin. The co-founders had a vision that the new IR-UWB technology, based on a nascent IEEE standard, could deliver ultra-accurate location in a way that would revolutionise people’s lives like GPS did in the 1990s.




IR-UWB is on the verge of becoming the next essential component technology, like GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Already shipping in millions of smartphones and cars, IR-UWB is enabling accurate indoor location services, secure communications and context-aware user interfaces.

“We have created an incredibly unique technology, but we understand that to embrace the opportunity in front of us, we will need greater resources to execute at scale, accelerate our innovation and product launches and to continue to support our growing customer base with the same level of service,” said Connell.

“Joining forces with Qorvo’s leading expertise in RF technology, their experience in serving very high-volume markets like Mobile but also the thousands of customers in Industrial and Enterprise, is, for Decawave, a perfect combination to scale and further accelerate the adoption of IR-UWB.”

Decawave is headquartered in Ireland, with regional headquarters in California and China and a presence in South Korea, France and Japan.

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