Barry Napier, Cubic Telecom

Cubic Telecom and Kymeta to create hybrid network

Emergency services, NGOs, and the military to benefit from ‘always-on’ connectivity
Barry Napier, Cubic Telecom

10 March 2020

Global connectivity technology provider, Cubic Telecom, has partnered with communications company, Kymeta, to provide a network platform enabling blended LTE and satellite-based connectivity services.

The technology collaboration enables users to operate with an ‘always-on’ communications connectivity solution, switching from satellite to cellular connectivity seamlessly. It brings secure, hyper-efficient connectivity to several industries including military, emergency response, transportation and recreational and overland adventure vehicles.

Using Kymeta’s flat panel electronically steered antenna technology, the satellite-cellular hybrid package combines LTE and satellite connectivity. Buses, vehicle fleets, maritime vessels, ferries, trucks, and trains can leverage aspects of both satellite and cellular network technologies to provide highly reliable connections. The company claims that users can remain connected wherever they are.

“Cubic’s LTE and 5G networks, partnered with Kymeta’s satellite connectivity solution, allows true mobility with complete coverage of the Earth. By combining these communication networks, we can provide enhanced products and services at a sustainable economy of scale, while supporting essential communications,” said Barry Napier, CEO and executive chairman at Cubic Telecom.

“By integrating Kymeta’s industry-defining services platform with Cubic’s global managed cellular network, we have established a partnership that will continue to offer advanced services to established and emerging markets,” said Walter Berger, president and chief operating officer of Kymeta.

“With this partnership, we now offer a single integrated solution providing the hardware to connect to satellite and cellular from any moving platform, the satellite and cellular services to connect the user, and an entire platform of services and tools to manage a user’s network so that each experience can be optimised for each user.”

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