Creative Muvo2 4Gbyte


1 April 2005

When it comes to MP3 players, capacity is everything – as long as it’s presented in the right package. Compare the iPod to some of its weightier rivals and see which one you’d prefer to have tucked away in your pocket.

Sometimes, however, the players can have far more capacity than you can ever use, so why pay for something you’ll never use?
Apple has just released a smaller version of its iPod – the iPod mini – and Creative is hot on Apple’s heels with the Creative Muvo2 4Gbyte player. The hard-drive based device is a tiny but perfectly formed device designed to slip into your pocket. 

There are two great things about the Muvo2 4Gbyte player: First of all, it can hold over a thousand songs – enough for your average digital music fan. Secondly, you won’t need any special software to transfer files to the device; simply drag and drop the files through Windows Explorer. The player comes with Creative Media Source, which allows you to create different playlists to transfer onto the Muvo.

Muvo2 is compact enough to fit in your pocket and easy to use. Navigation is simple enough – you can play items in the different folders you have saved to the Muvo, or you can choose from the different playlists you have stored on the device. If you have the same song on more than one playlist, the device won’t make two copies of the file unless you tell it to.

The Muvo2 doesn’t look too bad either. Although it may not have the clean clinical look of the iPod, its dark casing is sleek enough and it has a blue backlit LCD screen. Most importantly, the Muvo has a removable battery.
The sound quality on the Muvo2 is quite good, with bass coming through fairly well. The equalisers allow you to adjust the sound to your liking, although the preset sound is more than good enough for your standard MP3 files.

Creative Muvo2
Price: EUR361.90
Rating: 4 stars
Live Verdict

As a direct competitor to the iPod mini, the Muvo2 doesn’t fare too badly. It’s got enough capacity to keep you occupied for hours and it’s small enough to keep in your pocket.

Weight: 91g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 66 x 66 x 20mm
Battery: Lithium-ion, removable
Other features: USB 2.0 interface, monochrome LCD screen, protective case.

Contact: Midia 01-4199777





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