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1 April 2005 | 0

Version 4.0 of SuperScout has a ‘Threshold Blocking’ mode that allows administrators to set time and bandwith limits on users Internet access. 

Enhanced reporting options include reports on bandwidth use, while a virtual control agent uses artificial intelligence to dynamically categorise Web content when users view new Internet sites. 

The latest version of SuperScout E-mail Filter can help halt delivery of e-mail borne viruses and can reduce the chance of employees spreading confidential business information. 




As well as containing a new remote administration function, the latest version 3.5 of SuperScout E-mail Filter introduces advanced Boolean searches for higher accuracy when customising filtering and a Virtual Image AgentT option that allows administrators to identify when explicit adult image files are being viewed or downloaded.

• System Options: +353 (0)1-280 1838

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