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5 October 2018 | 0

Colt Technology Services has announced a plan to expand its Colt IQ Network in the greater Dublin area through an additional 150km of 100Gb/s fibre to bring its network to more than 300km around the capital with an investment €15 million.

Already covering 350 enterprise buildings and 23 data centres in Dublin, the capital now represents a key hub for the company globally.

Speaking to TechPro, Carl Grivner, CEO, Colt Technology Services, said as part of a world-wide review some years ago, Dublin was selected out of some 250 potential sites, termed ‘gigabit cities’. Emerging as a top five location from this selection process, Grivner said that Colt recognised Dublin’s potential for growth.

“We see Dublin as being one of Europe’s key growth cities in the coming years. With multinational investment in Ireland only likely to increase, it’s crucial that Colt has the technological backbone in Ireland to support its anticipated traffic growth. The expansion also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enabling the digital transformation of businesses in today’s increasingly fast paced digital economy,” said Grivner.

“A lot of our customers have changed the conversation on [bandwidth] demand from how many gigabits they want to terabits,” he said.

This increase in bandwidth demand, as well as for data centre space, meant that Dublin needed more capacity as part of the global footprint which currently connects more than 850 data centres and over 27,000 buildings across 28 countries.

“If you look at all of the indicators,” said Grivner, “we think we have made the right decision to further invest in Dublin, expanding our foot print here by more than 100km over the next 18 months.”

When asked what the new infrastructure would enable the company to do, Grivner said it extended capability in two ways.

“One, it will allow us to economically reach where the growth is in Dublin, which we did not have the network covering before. And two, where we could have provided that before through another provider, it allows us to put it on our network.

“When we do that, we can better serve our customers, controlling everything from beginning to end and deliver a far better customer experience when we own the fibre, own the electronics and control the process for the customer,” said Grivner.

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