Jim Cassidy, Code Academy

Code Institute invites 10 refugees, asylum seekers to Level Up

Jim Cassidy, Code Academy

5 July 2018

Code Institute is to offer €40,000-worth of online training to 10 asylum seekers and refugee candidates.

The initiative, called Level Up, provides with access to Code Institute’s online software development course.

Ccandidates for enrolment will be sourced and screened by recruitment firm Zartis.

According to the Irish Refugee Council, there were 5,670 pending applications for protection status by the end of 2017. At present, companies in Ireland are producing less because they do not have enough relevant skills within their staffing resources. Consequently, the Level Up initiative will help fill that gap. While, at the same time it will aid in the participants’ integration into Ireland’s workforce and society.

Throughout the course, students will learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, and much more. On completion, a Code Institute’s Diploma in Software Development, accredited by Napier University in Edinburgh, will be awarded to successful students.

Jim Cassidy, CEO, Code Institute, said: “There is a huge skills gap in this country, and this is a worthy and novel way to solve it. Therefore, our aim is to make these candidates tech-industry-ready. We can do that. Above all, we hope that recruiters and HR managers will see the huge opportunity here to close this skills gap.”

John Dennehy, executive chairman, Zartis, said: “Almost every tech company in Ireland is struggling to find software developers. We have many incredibly bright and highly motivated asylum seekers in the country. With the right training and guidance they can fill some of the vacant roles. Having Code Institute on board will definitely help us achieve our goal.”

Code Institute’s course was designed with input from an industry advisory council composed of industry employers, recruiters, academics, enterprise organisations and start-ups.

Recent changes to Irish legislation mean that over 3,000 asylum seekers in Ireland are now eligible to work in the local economy. Helping to harness this potential and reduce the skills gap in the IT sector is the goal of Level Up.

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