Citizens concerned for progress as organisations are slow to change tech

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Study finds public trust will determine the future success of businesses



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4 September 2019 | 0

According to “The Driving A Trusted Future in a Radically Changing World” report from Fujitsu, the Irish public are concerned about the readiness and intentions of organisations and their business leaders in a radically changing world.

It found that 36% of the public have seen drastic changes over the last five years, have of which was caused by technological innovations. While 25% consider technological changes to be positive, nearly as many feel nervous about the impact they have.

It found that 40% believe that having a positive impact on life in Ireland should be an organisations primary purpose. Indeed, 53% think that companies do not care about their impact on the world. Meanwhile, 65% worry that organisations are not taking sustainability seriously. For 68%, there should be tighter regulations to ensure that organisations are acting responsibly.




When asked about emerging technologies such as AI, driverless cars, virtual reality and drones, Irish citizens were unsure about their positive impact in national life. However, respondents were excited by the prospect of 5G.

According to the report, this might affect businesses. While 68% of business leaders believe technology will be vital for future success, 46% say citizen nervousness has stopped their organisation from adopting certain technologies. On the contrary, 46% of citizens worry that Ireland will miss out on innovation because organisations are slow to change. Further, 52% of citizens say they want organisations to adopt new technologies.

Indeed 27% of respondents were more concerned about a lack of trust in organisations rather than technological advancement. Business leaders recognise that this is an issue. Nearly half admit that people trust less in their organisation now than they did five years ago. For some, the public’s expectations are too high, 31% think they will never be able to meet them.

Business leaders are aware of the importance of building trust through corporate social responsibility. In fact, 75% say they have become more responsible over the last five years.

“There is an onus on organisations to provide real leadership, education and reassurance to the public so that we can rebuild the trust that has been lost in recent years,” said Tony O’Malley, CEO, Fujitsu Ireland. “In doing so we can collectively break the cycle that is preventing us from fully embracing this technologically driven change and all the positive benefits that it can bring.”

“Being a responsible organisation is now business critical,” said O’Malley. “The public is increasingly discerning and demands that organisations act in the best interests of society. It’s never been more important that we get this right. With a greater understanding of the public’s experiences and expectations, leaders can respond to change in the right way – and ensure that as a nation, we succeed together”

Censuswide carried out the study in May 2019. It involved 1000 Irish consumers and 200 leaders of private and public sector organisations.

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