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CES 2019: LG’s ThinQ appliances about to get a lot smarter

AI tech won't be limited to any single device
Image: LG

8 January 2019

LG’s ThinQ AI tech is set to get a little bit more useful in 2019, with a software update allowing them to proactively make suggestions to users based on ‘lifestyle data’.

What’s more, this function won’t be limited to any single device. If you own multiple LG devices, they’ll share data and communicate with one another. One demonstration during the press conference at CES in Las Vegas this week saw the company’s robot cleaner offer to start a cleaning cycle when you turn on the company’s stick vacuum.

Anecdotally, it’s definitely a little creepy to behold but it’s easy to see the potential usefulness of the feature.

LG also say they plan to work their ThinQ tech into their customer service, rebranding it LG ProActive Customer Care.

As soon as an error is detected, LG ProActive Customer care will send a notification to users and inform them. It’ll also remind them when appliances require maintenance and, if you live in a region where Amazon Dash operates, it’ll integrate with that as well.

There is as yet no word yet on which or when of these features will make their way to market, whether they’ll be limited to this year’s LG appliances, or added to older models through software updates.

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