Certified safe shutdown for virtualised environments from Schneider Electric

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5 May 2017

Converged infrastructure used to mean compute, storage and networking in one box, but hyper-convergence is pushing beyond even that. Now, power, sensors and control equipment are just as likely to be shoehorned into boxes that may well end up in a data centre.

To reduce the headaches that such convergence can bring, Schneider Electric, through its APC brand, has achieved certification for its PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2 power protection software in the Nutanix environment for ESXi and Hyper-V hyperconverged infrastructure deployments.

The Nutanix Ready Core Management & Operations certification for PowerChute Network Shutdown gives users a level of IT protection not previously available, providing certainty that investments and data will be secure during an outage.

According to the makers, the pre-certified solutions removes the onus of responsibility from partners for determining the compatibility and integration of components in a multi-vendor hyperconverged system, saving time and money.

The APC and Nutanix alliance, says Schneider, delivers on the promise of hyper-convergence through a cohesive, total solution that simplifies typical IT commissioning and management, enabling a more optimised and efficient rollout of mission-critical systems. The certification is based on stringent testing and pre-validates PowerChute’s joint interoperability with Nutanix solutions.

“The growth of highly complex IT systems necessitates vendors work together to deliver efficiency, standardisation, agility and reliability,” said Rob McKernan, senior vice president, IT Channels, IT Division, Schneider Electric. “This certification and alliance partnership with Nutanix is part of APC’s long-standing commitment to providing customers with the most simplified, powerful and integrated components and solutions needed to support and achieve certainty in today’s digitally-enabled, increasingly diverse and highly-scalable IT architectures.”

Working in conjunction with APC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and the UPS Network Management card, PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2 provides graceful, unattended, network-based shutdown to protect data integrity and reduce system downtime when critical events such as extended power outages occur. The software, configurable via web browser interface, is highly scalable, supporting a virtually unlimited number of client systems with single, redundant and parallel configurations.


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