Edward McDonnell. CeADAR

CeADAR offers expertise to help fight Covid-19

AI centre offers its expertise to public, private sectors
Edward McDonnell. CeADAR

26 March 2020

Artificial intelligence research centre CeADAR has offered its expertise to help companies, government agencies, medical centres and charities fight Covid-19.

Experts in using AI and machine learning in applied settings, CeADAR is making its scientists and researchers available to assist those working on solutions to stall the pandemic.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the centre has been exploring options to work with companies to develop AI tools to help detect the virus and track the compliance of the general. While these projects are still at the exploratory stage, the centre has called on other bodies to come to CeADAR if they need help.




In particular, it called for companies that have large data sets which could potentially help in developing solutions using AI but do not have the capacity – or the expertise in applying machine learning – to undertake such projects.

Edward McDonnell, director, CeADAR, said: “We want to help make a contribution to improve people’s lives and help reduce the spread of the virus. We are already in talks with a number of companies in relation to some projects and want to let others know that we are here and willing to help in the fight. We will divert our researchers and scientists away from other projects in order to ensure that we all work towards a solution. We know that a lot of companies are doing great work trying to find solutions but are overwhelmed by the workload and we want to help them.”

An Enterprise Ireland and IDA-funded Technology Centre, CeADAR has more than 90 member companies across a wide span of industries.

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