BSA engages with channel in piracy fight



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1 April 2005 | 0

The group will also ask them to provide feedback on initiatives that have been implemented by the BSA in recent years.

Recognising the importance of the role of the channel in combating software piracy, the BSA says there was an exploitable gap in the market for resellers offering audits to their customers to make sure their software is legal.
Julian McMenamin, chairman of BSA Ireland, says that the channel itself would be one of the main beneficiaries of a reduction in piracy. ‘Clearly, a sizeable chunk of this additional revenue would filter through to the channel and a large number of channel jobs would be indirectly created in the process,’ he said. ‘From a channel perspective, with a software piracy rate of 42 per cent, resellers are effectively selling one copy of a software product and giving one away.’

In 2004, the BSA is hoping to launch a formal support mechanism and information resource for the channel in Ireland that will help them keep up to date with software asset management and all software licensing issues.


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