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1 April 2005 | 0

StorageTek’s BladeStore disk subsystem makes it possible for companies to protect business critical information cost effectively as well as provide fast access.

It is based on the company’s BladeStore architecture which combines low-cost ATA disk drives for data storage and the performance and reliability of an enterprise class fibre-channel disk system. StorageTek claims this makes the BladeStore disk subsystem ideal for storing high volume fixed content data online, such as video, e-mail, documents or medical images. ATA disk-based storage systems have begun to emerge from the data storage industry in recent times. However, StorageTek claims BladeStore takes the technology a step further to deliver storage density advantages and performance, flexibility and manageability benefits to customers with enterprise open systems environments. Because BladeStire can backup quickly, companies do not have to develop numerous storage strategies and categorise information to be stored.

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