Bank of Ireland optimises branch services


1 April 2005

Bank of Ireland is currently running a Service Process Renewal programme for its services delivered through the branches and central support units in a bid to optimise delivery of banking services to customers.

According to Maurice Chadwick, SPR programme manager at Bank of Ireland, the bank started the branch-focused SPR programme in late 2002 and initially examined the whole area of delivering cash service to branches all the way through to the cash centres that hold the cash.  He said that SPR had no major effect on the technology used by the bank except in considering a number of tried and tested technologies that could help automate and streamline a number
of processes to make them more efficient. For example, the bank now has voice authentication technology that requires users to use their voices to access systems.

‘We then proceeded to look at a number of other areas including mail, telephones and foreign exchange. In all cases we took an end-to-end view focusing particularly on how and where the work is currently carried out and the interactions between branches and support units’.

To assist in delivering the programme, BOI hired a team from Original Solutions for their experience with a wide range of disciplines including practical, business focused  applications of technology.  ‘Original Solutions’ experience of business processes, the management of the implementation of the re-engineering all the
way through from process identification, to design, to specifying technology systems to implement them were important factors in their selection’, said Chadwick.

The project will take three years to fully implement and will consist of several sub projects. The BOI has some 300 branches around the Republic. While hoping that the programme would enable some business processes to be run more cheaply, Chadwick dismissed suggestions that the SPR programme would seek to maximise the efficiency of branches to justify more branch closures.





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