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29 July 2013 | 0

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has updated its .NET software development kit (SDK) so that developers can now host Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows Store apps on its services.

AWS enhanced its Microsoft toolset by updating its .NET SDK, giving Windows developers similar capabilities to the already-available SDKs for iOS and Android in AWS.

The update, which was announced in a blog post, provides two new enhancements for .NET developers.




Firstly, it means that .NET developers can now connect their Windows apps to AWS services like S3 and EC2.

Secondly, AWS added support for its "task-based asynchronous pattern", which uses "the async and await keywords and makes programming asynchronous operations against AWS more easily to do."

The updated SDK is currently only available as a preview for developers.

The latest SDK additions build on several recent updates from Amazon designed to attract Windows workloads to its cloud, including AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, AWS Visual Studio toolkit, and new guidance for running Exchange Server in AWS.


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