Audi and tech partners found 5G Automotive Association

(Image: Audi)

28 September 2016

Automaker Audi has announced the formation of the 5G Automotive Association, with technology partners, that aims to develop, test and promote ultra-fast mobile communication solutions, covering connected cars and smart cities.

The association will “address society’s connected mobility and road safety needs with applications such as connected automated driving, ubiquitous access to services, and integration into smart cities and intelligent transportation”.

Audi is joined by a range of technology partners, including Ericsson, Huawei, BMW Group, Intel, Daimler AG, Nokia and Qualcomm Incorporated.

With next generation 5G mobile networks and continued strong LTE evolution, which includes cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) communication, the focus of information and communication technologies is moving even more towards the Internet of Things and the digitalisation of industries, according to Audi.

Next generation mobile networks are expected to outperform current networks by handling a much greater volume of data, connecting more devices, significantly reducing latency and bringing new levels of reliability. Among the many benefits, said the automaker, 5G will further support enhanced vehicle-to-everything communications and connected mobility solutions, both of which are especially applicable to piloted driving.

“Connected cars will shape the future of individual mobility, and next generation mobile networks will take car to x connectivity to a new level,” said Alfons Pfaller, head of Infotainment Development, Audi. The key to success is in cross-industry collaboration. This is why we set up the 5G Automotive Association where experts from all relevant fields are teaming up.”

These new solutions bring new technological and business opportunities for both the automotive and ICT industries, and members of the new association will closely collaborate in order to realise their full potential, said the launch statement. The association will address key technical and regulatory issues, leveraging next generation mobile networks; and integrate vehicle platforms with enhanced connectivity, networking and computing solutions.

The main activities of the association include:

  • Defining use cases, technical requirements and implementation strategies.
  • Supporting standardisation and regulatory bodies, certification and approval processes.
  • Addressing vehicle-to-everything technology requirements, such as wireless connectivity, security, privacy, authentication, distributed cloud architectures and more.
  • Running joint innovation and development projects which will lead to integrated solutions, interoperability testing, large-scale pilots and trial deployments.

The 5G Automotive Association has a global focus, and said it welcomes partners who are engaged in the automotive industry, the ICT industry or the broader ecosystem and value chain for vehicle and road transportation systems. It said that several companies have already expressed strong support for the 5GAA and declared their intent to join it in the near future.

Christoph Voigt of Audi, has been appointed chairperson of the Board and Dino Flore, Qualcomm, has been appointed director general of the Association. The 5GAA will support and work in close cooperation with national and regional initiatives, such as the European Connected and Automated Driving Pre-Deployment Project.



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