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App Wednesday

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26 June 2013

For: Android

Catch it while you can, the controversial music streaming service makes a return to Android.Two chances of ever seeing it on iOS.

For: Windows Phone 7

BeWeather allows you to see the current weather in high definition. Data provided by Weather Underground includes seven day and hourly forecasts. It also automatically alerts you to the weather at your current location and can to ‘pin’ you to any location so that you always have a live tile showing the current conditions.




Copper Face Jacks
For: iOS

Not a joke and not a quick way to scan the talent before deciding whether to brave the barrier on Harcourt Street on a Saturday night. The official app for Coppe Face Kacks is an interactive jukebox that can queue up music videos to be played on screen at the club. Other features include the (dangerous) option to post text message to said wall and possible addition to the club’s VIP list. Guards and nurses rejoice.


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