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18 March 2015


GPS for the soul
For: Android
This app developed by the Huffington Post team is sort of a Little Book of Calm composed of music, poetry, pictures and even breathing exercises. If you have trouble winding down at the end of the day or suffer from hyperactivity through eternal Internet connectedness, this will be of use. The official blurb says it will help you reconnect with your creativity, intuition, peace and wisdom. Actual results may vary.

For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
TED is taking place this week in Vancouver so what better time to remind you of its excellent app. Here you’ll find a catalogue of 1,700 talks in 90 languages organised by topic and available as either audio or video. Android users take note, it’s now Chromecast compatible.

For: iOS, Android
If you’re having trouble finding sheet music (New York recently lost its last store) this could be the app you’ve been waiting for. Not the best for rock but if you’re looking for the classics, then there’s plenty of choose from here.

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