Almost three-quarters of Irish crypto users are making investments

Maya Kumar, Luno
Maya Kumar, Luno



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12 September 2018 | 0

Research from cryptocurrency exchange has found that almost half of Irish people have some knowledge of or interest in cryptocurrencies, with millennials leading the way.

The online survey conducted by TNS of 1,006 Irish people aged 18 and over found that 72% of cryptocurrency users hold it as an investment, with only 17% declaring to use it for online payments and only 9% to make payments to friends and family.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular currency amongst users (73%) followed by Ethereum (39%). Bitcoin is notably most popular with Irish males, with 84% using this currency. However, Irish women’s cryptocurrency interests are more evenly split with 55% owning Bitcoin and 43% owning Ethereum. This gender breakdown is indicative of female cryptocurrency users spreading their investments for potentially wider scope of return.

When asked what would influence them to buy or use cryptocurrencies, 32% of respondents said the possibility of buying from a trusted supplier would be an important factor for them. Some 22% said knowing the government’s position on cryptocurrencies would influence them.

Maya Kumar, head of Ireland for Luno, said: “Having recently launched in Ireland, we are extremely keen to learn more about the Irish people’s perceptions of cryptocurrency. It’s very encouraging to see that so many people are familiar with cryptocurrencies, however there are still so many who would like to learn more.”

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