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1 April 2005 | 0

Symantec has launched new versions of some of its most popular software including Norton AntiVirus 2005, Norton Personal Firewall 2005, and Norton AntiSpam 2005.

Norton AntiVirus 2005 provides automatic protection against blended threats like ‘Sasser’ with exclusive new Internet Worm Protection technology. It also offers automatic scanning and removal of viruses, worms and Trojans without requiring user intervention. The
software includes spyware detection capabilities that defend against programs on the user’s computer that can be employed with malicious intent.

To help protect users from privacy infringements with minimal interruptions, Norton Personal Firewall 2005 includes enhanced Privacy Controls with a new confidential information blocking tool. This new option allows users to send confidential information to Web sites they trust with no interruption, but alerts users when they send personal data to untrusted sites. Confidential information blocking helps protect users from falling victim to online phishing, which can result in identity theft.

Because some blended threats are able to attack computer systems in a way that basic firewalls cannot block, Personal Firewall 2005 includes complete inbound and outbound application-based protection along with intrusion prevention technology. Norton AntiSpam 2005 offers improved filtering capabilities for e-mail. It provides additional protection against some forms of e-mail scams by identifying fraudulent URL Internet addresses within e-mail messages and filtering those messages with ‘spoofed’ or
faked sender addresses.

AntiSpam 2005 also automatically intercepts and analyses e-mail in most POP3 connections and identifies spam as it comes into the user’s in-box. It integrates tightly with the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, and now
Yahoo! Web e-mail, by automatically creating a spam folder and using it to collect all e-mail identified as spam.

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