86% of Irish companies considering hybrid working model post-pandemic

Marcella Rudden, Local Enterprise Office Cavan
Marcella Rudden, Local Enterprise Office Cavan

Survey finds 76% of employees would work from a co-working facility



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19 May 2021 | 0

A recent survey has found that 86% of Irish companies are implementing or are considering implementing a remote hybrid working strategy for their workforce. It found that 39% are actively looking to implement the strategy in 2021.  A desire to reduce commute times and enhance work/life balance are said to be key motivators. 

The survey, commissioned by Cavan Digital Hub and Local Enterprise Office Cavan, asked employers and employees for their views in relation to hybrid remote working – an approach to work that includes the office, home, and co-working facility. 

A total of 76% of employees said they would consider working from a co-working facility.




When asked about the main benefits to be gained from remote working, employers cited better work/life balance, employee retention and a wider recruitment pool first, second and third. Employees cited better work/life balance and reduced commutes as key benefits. Meanwhile, 31% of employees ranked the commute as the first or second most important consideration when looking at opportunities. Pre-pandemic, 18% spent more than 60 minutes commuting one-way to work.

Both employers and employees reported ‘social loneliness and isolation’ and ‘the blurring of work and home/life boundaries’ as key challenges of working from home. At 83%, social loneliness was the biggest issue reported by employers, with 75% citing the blurring of work and home/life boundaries. 

Close to one in four employees (24%) believe their working space at home could be improved. Employers also highlighted facilities with 97% citing broadband as key for an effective remote working strategy. Another 97% cited IT equipment (laptops, large screen monitors) and 72% cited a secure network essential followed by an ergonomic workplace and clean desk procedure at 53% and 41% respectively.

Salary remains the key factor in job selection according to both employers and employees, as 73% of employers put salary as the top factor compared to 63% of employees. Salary is followed by work/life balance and company culture.

The survey also found that 73% of companies are prepared to fund the cost of introducing more flexible remote and hybrid working for their staff. This increased to 81% when focused on companies who are actively looking at remote hybrid working strategies. 

“The survey findings highlight the increasing importance and adoption of more flexible working arrangements amongst both employers and employees” commented Marcella Rudden, head of enterprise, Local Enterprise Office Cavan. “It also supports the view that co-working, community and digital hubs, including our own Cavan Digital Hub, have a significant role to play in providing modern, safe and digitally-enabled ways of working, particularly within the regions.”

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