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Zoom adds gestures and whiteboard to its desktop app

Video conferencing giant announces updates and features for an ever-evolving hybrid workforce
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21 April 2022

Zoom has unloaded a host of new updates and features that include a virtual whiteboard, gesture recognition and an AI software that analysis calls.

The new features are about Zoom adapting to changing user habits and needs as hybrid and remote workplaces evolve.

Zoom’s ‘gesture recognition’ feature is very much in that vein as it takes away clicking and simply allows participants to raise a hand or put thumbs up to deploy use a reaction during a call. It will be limited to two gestures, to begin, and also required client version 5.10.3 or later.




The video conferencing giant has also introduced Zoom Whiteboard, which will be built into the desktop app, Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms. There are also plans to add support for Zoom Chat, a service that allows users to add sticky notes and images, as well as save their whiteboard after a meeting has ended. This will be made available on version 5.10.3 or higher, through the Whiteboard tab.

Notification controls have also been improved, with capabilities to turn chat notifications on or off and also a feature to create a central library of polls. Zoom hosts will also have extra controls with a new function to check Breakout Room activity, including screen sharing and audio and video status. What’s more, Zoom will also notify users when they enter Breakout Rooms.

There are also updates to Zoom Contact Center, which now allows users to switch on or off automatic call recordings for both in and outbound calls. It also has analytical updates, with adjustable channel flows for chat and SMS. Users can also show videos to customers in Waiting Room.

Audio quality has also been improved, with a cut down on audio delays for Asia-Pacific-based customers. Zoom will also originate ‘Call-Me’ out calls from data centres in the region.

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