World-first ‘health passport’ to encourage more Covid-19 testing

Health Passport
Sinead Baily Kelly and Deirdre Young, Home Music Festival, with Robert Quirke, Roqu Group

National trial participants span healthcare, industry and recreation sectors



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28 August 2020 | 0

Roqu Group is piloting Health Passport Ireland, a world-first digital platform designed to facilitate increased Covid-19 testing for businesses and the public.

The platform combines the latest digital technologies with accurate and validated Covid-19 testing solutions, which can deliver results in as little as 15 minutes.

Health Passport Ireland is launching with a trial involving a select range of national participants including Tallaght University Hospital, Oaklodge Nursing Home, Emerald Freight, Keogh’s Farm, Home Music Festival, a county Meath based creche and more.




“In the past week alone, unfortunately we’ve seen continued frustration and disappointment as restrictions have again been tightened due to continued spread of Covid-19,” said Robert Quirke, president and CEO of Roqu Group.

“Health Passport Ireland is designed to put a safety net in place where none currently exists, allowing our economy to recover and thrive in a more safely controlled environment. It is a world-first innovation, proudly engineered in Ireland to the highest standards, that will enable business and society to finally move forward. The game changer has finally arrived.”

“Using our global visibility, we are helping local companies by making the best Covid-19 testing solutions readily available to all.

“The purpose of the pilot trial is to demonstrate how Health Passport Ireland works across a variety of real-life business and social scenarios,” he added. “There are too many gaps in the current system that are hindering our ability to get the economy and normal life back on track. It is time to immediately close those gaps.”

If the pilot is successful, Roqu plans to launch the platform in the US, UK, Italy, Kenya and Germany.

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