Workplace tech is key to an innovative office space, finds survey

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43% of employees believe their workplace encourages innovation



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27 May 2019 | 0

According to a recent YouGov survey, businesses need to implement new workplace technology in order to remain competitive.

Over 2,000 UK employees participated in the study which was commissioned by office design company Oktra. It found that just 43% of respondents believe their workplace encourages innovation.

If looking for a new job, 79% of those working in IT and telecoms believe a well-designed workplace makes them more inclined to want a position.




The workplace is essential for making the right impression as 85% of participants agree that visitors and clients judge a business by its workplace.

“A well-designed workplace with up-to-date technology will support the functionality of the office whilst providing the ideal platform for employees to produce innovative work,” said Nic Prykem, design director at Oktra.

The design of an office impacts workers, but this is often overlooked, said Prykem, as 24% of office workers find poor technology takes a toll on their well-being during the workday.

“By conducting a thorough assessment of a workspace, we can begin to understand what works and what is holding back not just the evolution of a business, but the employees’ personal development too.”

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