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Women in tech say the glass ceiling is worse now than ever before

Receiving equal pay and benefits would attract women to a tech role
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20 April 2020

While public discussion of gender issues has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, more than a quarter (27%) of women in tech say the glass ceiling is worse now than ever before.

This comes from the Specops Software’s Women in Tech Survey Report 2019, as conducted by Ivanti.

When participants were asked what they would like a new role to offer them, their demands were far from outlandish. At 63.7%, most women said they would like to receive equal pay and benefits. This was followed by a desire for clear and well documented progression opportunities (52%).




Furthermore, 51% of respondents would be attracted to a role with flexible work policies. A further 38% said they would like to work in an all-inclusive workplace.

At 53.8%, being taken seriously due to gender perception remains the biggest challenge women in tech face. This figure saw a 14.6% year-on-year decline, however. Still, 62% of women in tech believe that gendered stereotypes exist and that leadership favours men.

To encourage more women into tech, 46% of respondents said the industry must work to close the gender pay gap.

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