Windows XP deadline looms: 90 days to go

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8 January 2014 | 0

It is now 12 years old and the longer it is left, the more expensive it will be to replace it. These are some of the key points in a warning from Microsoft Ireland to any organisation that has yet to move on the venerable operating system that is Windows XP.

“The world has changed dramatically since 2001. Thirteen years later, users need technologies that fit their personal work style and allow them to stay productive anytime, anywhere. Businesses have an ever increasing need to protect data and ensure security, compliance and manageability. Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 are designed with these needs in mind.  The needs of today’s lean and efficient modern worker and business cannot be met by a 12-year-old operating system,” commented Patrick Ward, Windows Business Lead, Microsoft Ireland.

Microsoft cites analyst IDC, who estimated last year that the longer migration is put off the more expensive it is to support old versions such as Windows XP.  IT labour costs go up 25% in the fourth year of continuing to run Windows XP past deadline.

There are 90 days to make the migration, warns Microsoft, and there are many options to choose from.

Security experts have warned that hackers may be storing up zero-day threats to exploit when support ends, potentially leaving organisations open to attack and exploitation.

However, Microsoft warns that there may be other implications in using an unsupported operating system. There will no longer be weekly security updates and fixes currently available, but also benefits of newer hardware, particularly around mobility, may be lost to employees.

“Laptops from 2001 are heavy, clunky machines – today’s laptops are thin, light and truly mobile,” said Ward. “Old PC’s are much slower to boot up and shut down – modern devices boot in seconds, saving time. Software starts quicker, search is easier – further enhancing productivity. Improved productivity, lower power consumption and reduced support costs mean modern PCs save businesses money”.

“It’s a great time to lose the added weight of hefty old workhorse PC and software.  Lighten up and increase your business and personal opportunity through increased productivity and cost savings by shedding XP and Office 2003 for a more agile and mobile operating system, like Windows 8.1 and Office 365. The only gains to be made is your ability to compete more efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive global market,” concluded Ward.


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