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WiFi4EU initiative delivers 200 wireless access points

Scheme reaches 200 access points nationwide
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29 November 2022

A total of 201 free Wi-Fi connectivity access points in public spaces across Ireland have now been installed by Magnet+ as part of the WiFi4EU initiative.

The demand for the free Wi-fi connectivity service, first introduced in Galway city in October 2020, has grown exponentially over the last two years. The last year saw an increase in users of 30% nationwide and a total of 8,369 users in October 2022 alone.

The WiFi4U scheme offers free high-speed Wi-Fi in public spaces such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, museums and in towns and cities throughout Europe. It is an initiative of The European Commission funded by both The European Commission and Department of Rural and Community Development.




Under the scheme, successful local authorities are issued with vouchers worth €15,000 to install Wi-Fi hotspots, which must be free of charge to the user, free from advertising and with no commercial re-use of data.

To date 28 of Ireland’s 31 local authorities have secured WiFi4EU vouchers, with 23 securing the maximum of four available and 12 still to go to tender.

The Dept of Rural & Community Development is providing matched funding of €15,000 for every voucher awarded to Ireland by the EU, effectively doubling the value of the investment.

Commenting on this landmark milestone, Philip Clapperton, sales director at Magnet+, said: “The multi-location WiFi4EU service will provide previously unavailable Wi-Fi service in these community locations, which will enhance the user experience when visiting these locations. Areas previously affected by a lack of Wi-Fi services can now access reliable, fast and secure internet services at no cost providing incredible ease of access for these areas and boosting all the local economies in these areas. We’re excited to grow these networks further to even more areas in the country.”

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