Why the modern workplace journey is fraught with challenges

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CWSI report explains common pitfalls and best practices for UEM journey



10 December 2019 | 0

There’s a tendency to gloss over the huge technological and organisation effort require to create a modern workplace environment based on mobility secured with strong unified endpoint management (UEM), says CWSI’s Austin Breathnach in a new report.

“The modern workplace is a journey and unique to every organisation,” notes Breathnach in the report entitled The Modern Workplace Journey is easy! Isn’t it?

“There’s no ‘one-fits-all’ solution for organisations, and if you only take one thing from this paper, take the advice that whatever choices are made, they should be the right one for your organisation. Ones that enable, not frustrate, ones that secure, but don’t hinder, once that increase awareness, but don’t restrict,” he says.




“Make the right decision for you. Everything should centre around understanding your organisation at every level and understanding what will give the organisation competitive advantages while protecting it from harmful risks. Once determined, educated choices can be made that both enable and protect the organisation, and in turn keep all your stakeholders, including your CEO, happy,” he writes.

The report can be downloaded here.

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